Layer2 knowledge management suite for SharePoint

The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite makes it as easy as possible to import, export, update and deploy SharePoint managed metadata in term sets, to enrich terms with content classification rules, to automatically assign consistent and accurate metadata to documents and items in real-time or via bulk-tagging, and to make use of assigned managed metadata for additional search-driven navigations, better content discovery and findability of both, SharePoint internal and external data or documents.


This suite contains seven components, which are best used together: Taxonomy Manager, Tag Suggester, Auto Tagger, Tag Directory Web Part, Tag Navigation Web Part, Tag Cloud Web Part, and Related Content Web Part.

The Layer2 Knowledge Management Suite is suitable for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, and 2016, but will not longer be supported and developed. Customers with active Software Assurance still will get support until December 31, 2020. 

Features and benefits


Better manage Term Sets in SharePoint

Add Term Set export, import, update, and deployment to SharePoint using SKOS. Manage content classification rules directly in the Term Store.


Assign Managed Metadata automatically

Auto-classify your content in real-time during upload or edit, or via bulk-tagging after content migration. Assign highly accurate and consistent subject metadata automatically.


Add subject index, glossary and more

Any technical book has a subject index - why not your SharePoint portal? Improve your corporate language and understanding by providing a linked glossary.


Display Related Content automatically

Provide Related Content, such as related contacts, documents, downloads, similar news, further links automatically based on managed metadata as known from

How it works


How to fix the SharePoint list view threshold using metadata

​The SharePoint list view threshold makes it almost impossible to navigate large SharePoint document libraries and lists (> 5.000 items) as usual using list views and filters. This gap can be closed by assigning managed metadata to items and documents automatically using the Layer2 Auto Tagger.

Do I really need content classification rules?

No. If no content classification rule is available, automatically the term label and also synonyms are taken for classification, such as unique product numbers, customer IDs, or others. This is enough for many use cases, depending on subject and requirements.


If you are working with an older version you can download the latest update for your Knowledge Management Suite.