We were able to bridge SharePoint gaps by introducing Layer2’s Business Data List Connector. The setup took a few minutes and the configuration to create a company directory was easy too.
Kenny Steinbacher, Real IT Care
The Business Data List Connector was an integral tool to a solution we implemented for a customer. Our partnership with Layer2 has added value to our SharePoint practice.
John Farhat, Vice President, ACTS
We use Layer2 Business Data List Connector for its flexibility in connecting many different source databases and files towards SharePoint. Thru the use of Layer2 we managed to cut down development costs while still providing full flexibility for our custom SharePoint solution
Tom de Ridder, ValueBlue
Der Business Data List Connector von Layer2 ist die optimale Lösung, um schnell, einfach und stabil Verbindungen zu unterschiedlichsten Datenbanken zu erzeugen.
Martin Schlenker, IM-consult.net
Our customer’s have been very pleased with the full range of Layer2’s products including Cloud Connector, Business Data List Connector, and the Knowledge Management Suite. Our customers love that they can easily set it up and manage it themselves with very little learning. We now have many clients that have been using Layer2 for years and continue to find it very reliable for syncing data quietly and efficiently between their lists, applications, and environments.
Suzanne Myhre, SmartData
With this tool 'Business Data List Connector' SharePoint is the ideal central platform to make connections between your various business applications in order to have unique and consistent data throughout your company.
Peter de Meester, Orbid
We particularly appreciate the ease of use involved in Business Data List Connector for SharePoint that comes from the simple browser-based list settings dialogue. It allows easy connection from a real SharePoint list to external business data.
Mark Douglas, Marketing Executive QBS Software
Der Layer2 Business Data List Connector für SharePoint ist das entscheidende Produkt um externe Daten in SharePoint zu verwenden. Die Handhabung ist intuitiv. Der Einsatz vermeidet effektiv Datenredundanzen und gewährleistet die Datenintegrität.
Hannes Brünger, Support, SWITCOM GmbH
We use the “Layer2 Business Data List Connector” every day for connecting our different SQL applications with our Sharepoint intranet... To be able to connect other SharePoint list is a worthy bonus as well!
Loup Cattalano, D-Mute Network

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