Why you should become a partner

Partnering up is about being stronger together and benefiting from each other. Find out what’s in for you, when you join our Layer2 Partner Network:


Get more leads

Be part of layer2solutions.com and get a company entry in form of your own partner page. We connect our visitors with partners who have the expertise and location of the visitors are looking for. By adding our products for external data integration and document sync to your portfolio, you stay different from competitors within the Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics, and Azure market.


Make a bigger profit margin

As a Layer2 Partner, you obtain discounts on our production licenses to increase your revenue in the Microsoft business. With our products, you will be able to deliver your projects faster when migrating data and files from anywhere to the Microsoft Cloud - quick, cost-effective, at lower risk and with just one tool.


Increase your awareness

Get the opportunity to benefit from our marketing activities like press releases, social media campaigns, and case studies to increase your awareness. Be part of our community and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

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Professional partner management

Benefit from a dedicated person of charge who provides you with all information and latest news about our products and services. Take part in onboarding & annual web meetings, where we make sure you learn all the features and benefits of our product.

How to become a partner?

We keep things as easy as possible. Just working closely together to help your customers get things done. Depending on your possibilities and readiness to invest in our relationship, you can choose between becoming a Layer2 Silver or Layer2 Gold Partner.

The Silver partnership - the easy access!

For the Silver partnership, you are required to promote our partnership on your website with our Layer2 Logo, our company description, and link to our website. You provide us with your company logo and a written line what you like about our products in order to create your partner entry on our website. In return, you will benefit from the above mentioned and receive a 15% discount on our production licenses in our online shop by using your partner promotion discount code. (Please note that non-production licenses and Software Assurances are not discountable.)

The Gold partnership - get the most out of it!

A strong partnership is based on knowing each other well. Therefore, our Gold partnership starts with a mandatory onboarding web meeting. Moreover, the Gold level includes the requirements of the Silver partnership plus promoting our products with their logos, detailed product information, and links to our product websites on your website. In reverse and on top of the benefits above, you will receive a 30% discount on our production licenses in our online shop using your partner promotion discount code. (Please note that non-production licenses and Software Assurances are not discountable.) Furthermore, with a sales volume of at least one license per year, we will provide you with a free NFR license for internal use, and your support requests will be treated prioritized.


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